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Wednesday, July 1, 2020   /   by Sonya Reiselt

What Refi Option is Best for Your Beaufort County Home?

Mortgage rates are at their lowest levels in years, and as such, many Beaufort County home owners are refinancing their homes. Even if you refinanced your home last year, it still may be a good idea to look into a refi now.
Even though rates are the main driver for refinancing your home, there are some other factors to consider.

How much will it cost?
While it's true that refinancing will lower your monthly payments, there are fees involved. You need to take into account all the fees and determine how long it will take to break even.
As an example, if you pay $3,600 in fees to save $100 a month, it will take 36 months to break even. So if you plan to be in your home in Beaufort County longer than that period (or whatever period you calculate it will take) then refinancing might be worth it.
Consider the terms
You don't need to stay with a 30-year loan. If you go with a 15-year loan, you can pay off your home earlier. Or if you  ...

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