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Monday, December 21, 2020   /   by Sonya Reiselt

What will the Real Estate Market look like in 2021?

In what has been one of the biggest surprises of 2020, the real estate market continues to thrive and experts everywhere are expecting this trend to continue well into 2021.  While the market will remain hot, there are a couple of significant shifts that both buyers and sellers should familiarize themselves with when preparing to purchase or list a home in 2021. 
What was a heavy trend in 2020 will continue to increase for many reasons in 2021 – people are continuing to move to the suburbs.  Both families and singles are finding what they need outside of the city in an overwhelming way. 
·        For the past 2 years, millennials began a shift in the market by taking their families and moving to the suburbs.  Due to COVID, this no longer seems like a trend but more of a lifestyle change that’s here to stay.  While families have been forced to work from home, companies have realized the p! ...

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